Hello Spaneasiers! How are your Spanish classes going? Are you learning a lot? We hope you are happy with your classes as well as you’re enjoying a lot while learning our language. On today’s post, we want to bring you some of Madrid’s favorite places to eat sushi. Since the heat has come to stay, we thought that this delicious and varied dish could make us happy. Let’s get started!
First of all, we want to start with the most popular place on social media right now: Running Sushi in Osaka. We do not know if its popularity comes from the decoration of the place or its revolving sushi bar. Maybe both! This place offers a buffet for 13.90€ during the week and 17.90€ on the weekends. We promise that the price is totally worth it, since thanks to the conveyor belt you can choose the dish that you like the most, and they don’t just offer sushi! If you don’t want to miss this restaurant, you can run to Calle de Hermosilla 103 to visit it!
Continuing with the theme of buffets, the various restaurants of the SUMO chain will make you fall in love. With eight places scattered throughout Madrid in total and more than 100 dishes on its menu, SUMO delights us with different types of sushi that we can taste without limit. In addition, something that seems very curious to us is that you can order all the dishes through a tablet that you have on your table, isn’t it original?
Finally, if you are looking for an innovative and different sushi restaurant, you have to visit Sushi Yakuza. Forget about the classic sushi and get ready for something bigger (and better), with its creative rolls you will fall in love with this place. They have five locations throughout Madrid, look for the closest one and don’t wait any longer to visit it.
What do you think? Have you visited them all? Do you dare to visit these wonderful places? Leave us in the comments if you have been to any of these sites or if you visit them, tag us on Instagram in your photos. Also, if you want to disconnect from the routine and enjoy a Sunday shopping accompanied by an ice cream, we recommend that you visit this post where we show you the best ice creams in Madrid. See you in the next post Spaneasiers!

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