Christmas cookies


Hi, Spaneasiers! It’s Christmas and you are still in Madrid? Don’t worry! There are a lot of things you can do during these days. Today we show you how to make some delicious Christmas cookies, so when you take a break from your Spanish lessons you can practice and made this recipe. Let’s start! Ingredients […]

Recipe: Spanish arroz con leche


¡Hi Spaneasiers! In Spaneasy we want you to live an actual Spanish immersion, that is why we are going to show you how to cook arroz con leche. It is a traditional dessert made with milk and rice. We love having it after lunch, but also as breakfast in the morning or as a snack […]

Three Spanish TV shows that will help you to learn Spanish

  ¡Hello Spaneasiers! Learning Spanish is not an easy thing to do, especially if you are a lazy ass who loves the sofa. However, we have the perfect solution for you. You will get to practice your listening skills while you learn new vocabulary and colloquial expressions. How? Very easy! TV shows are here for […]

Language Learning in the Modern Age


Do you every find yourself wanting to practice Spanish outside of the classroom by yourself?  Thanks to modern technology we can continue the language learning process outside of the academy, no book required.  Open up the app store because today we are looking at different language learning apps that can help you practice daily. When […]

Why Should I Learn Spanish?


There are lots of languages in the world (about 7,000) but none of them is like Spanish: a language involves a culture, a society. A different kind of way of thinking that through expressions and idioms shows us what are the differences between ours and other cultures. Here we are going to present some reasons […]

How are Madrilenians like? ¿Are they «chulos»?


The Madrilenians, or gatos (cats), as we are also called, are “victims” of a series of regional topics that draw a personality that is halfway between the fiction and the reality. We are fully aware that clichés have no scientific basis, however they explain well what is the perception other people have about Madrid and […]

Why Spanish people don’t speak English?


For Spanish people the English language is one of the pending issues in the educational system. Although the researches indicate that the problem is gradually descending, in terms of level we are still at the bottom of the EU countries in percentage of English speakers. The causes of our failure with the second most spoken […]