Things to do during the quarantine

como pasar el tiempo cuarentena


Hello Spaneasiers! How is your quarantine going? We hope that you are staying safe and you aren’t bored. If you are, we bring you today a few tips and ideas that will help you with these weird times but also when you want to stay at home, relax and do different things.

Something that we love to do when we are home is playing board games. Did you know that you could learn Spanish while playing? Sometimes, we will use board games in our classes because some of them make you describe objects or create stories. Our favorite games are Dixit (where you need to describe strange illustrations) or Story Cubes (you have to throw the cubes that each one has images and with those you have to make a story). However, we love Trivial too.

If you aren’t a board game fan, and you prefer going through the internet and look for videos or memes on social media, you should check out our YouTube channel where you can find a section called “El Cuaderno de Amanda” where our teacher Amanda explains different themes like grammar. Otherwise you could look for Spanish youtubers that make videos about topics that you like the most: videogames, podcasts, fashion, etcetera. If you aren’t into YouTube, there are tons of streaming platforms that offer Spanish movies or shows! For example, Netflix has a section dedicated to Spanish movies and let us tell you: some of them are really cool or favorites of ours.

There are lots of activities that are appearing online, for example: there is a virtual Scape Room made by a company so you can do it at home with your friends while each one is at home. The Prado Museum is also showing its masterpieces on Instagram every day, and we are preparing language exchanges, are you interested? We will keep you posted in our social media.

Lastly, if you want to stay active, and not sit down… why don’t you try cooking Spanish meals? It’s time to prepare those meals that look too difficult or take a lot of time! Here you have a recipe that you should try to make.

Stay safe and if you know what else to do during quarantine time let us know down below! See you soon!

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