Where to see the 3 best sunsets in Madrid?



Hello Spaniesiers! What’s up today? How do you keep up with your classes? If you attend your classes during the evening, you are beyond the lucky ones; the ones that have the opportunity to pop right after your class to a place and watch the sun goes down and hides, to move onto the night. I think we all agree on the fact that sunsets are amazingly breathtaking. Peaceful and colorful, they will assuage your mind if you had a busy day.

For some of them you don’t need to pay anything to get access to its beauty, but for some others you can decide to be fancier and spare a little something to observe its colors streaks from another point of view and atmosphere.

The cheapest one would be the one given from the Templo de Debod. Standing up behind the temple, you´ll be surrounded by hundreds of people. Be fierce tempered and try to put your head between the crowd. Not an easy game but it’s worth the try. Once you’re settled, go on and take photos. Sunsets photos are the best and, icing on the cake, they are never the same. And the landscape from there is the best thing since sliced bread.

You’re more of roofs views? Take the elevator and in a little bit of time you’ll already be seated on top of the Circulo de Bellas Artes building. I bet you’ll also be gazing at the view, who doesn’t? Close your eyes and imagine that: in the foreground, a floodlighted and frenetic city, its roofs, cars, buses and pedestrians in a hurry, and in the background, the sun that calmly sets behind the mountains. I forgot to mention you’ll need 4 euros to climb up to there. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, I know.

Finally, my heart goes to the Faro de Moncloa: killing two birds with one stone, you’ll be able to make the most of Madrid’s panoramic view and at the same time you’ll be amazed by the sun that sets over the city. Remember that if you post a picture of a sunset from there, don’t forget to tag us on your photo, that way we follow your thrilling adventures and discoveries.

Sorry, I must stop writing. I’ll turn off my phone and I’ll just enjoy the moment. I am in the Templo de Debod right now, it’s a quarter to eight and the sun begins to set. Sometimes you can just see things from your eyes and keep the memory in your head, instead of seeing it from your screens and keeping the photo in your camera roll. To me, that’s how you live a sunset to the fullest!

Sunsets whets the appetite, they say. What’s better than ending the day eating croquetas? Click here to know where to savor the best in town.

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