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Do you have a clear goal with your Spanish? Need to prepare for DELE exam or just want to practice some specific area in the language? You can take private lessons where the teacher will focus on your specific needs.
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If you need more flexibility to learn Spanish, you prefer a more personalized treatment or you want a specialized class in any specific area, our private Spanish lessons are the perfect option. A team of teachers, who offer totally personalized teaching, will help you achieve your specific goals.

You can combine your private Spanish lessons with any other course we offer at the school. You will be able to do total immersion and improve your Spanish level at your own pace.

This is a great alternative if you are planning on certifying your level through DELE or SIELE. We will offer you exercises and mock exams to allow you the best preparation for the exam.

If you have a tough schedule and it is difficult to fit a normal course in, this is also perfect for you. You define when you need the class and we will adapt to you.

Before starting you will have to complete a needs questionnaire to establish the classes’ program.

Prepare for
official certifications

To obtain a ceritificate is a very specific task to achieve. Even though official levels and its certification are the focus of our methodology, to get ready for a specific level requires focused work and special exercises that prepare you best to maximize the results on each official exam.

Private lessons allow us to have a big focus on your needs and to specially assist you in the weak points we may find.

We have an inmense library of exercises and mock exams that will allow you to perfectly prepared for the certificate.

Please let us know if you want additional information about our special certificate preparations.

Not sure about
your Spanish level?

We have a challenge for you. We have developed a new test level we use to assess any of our new students. It will take maximum 20 minutes. Check it out!

Flexibility & Quality

Our private lessons are a great option if you need a flexible schedule. We understand our students have a busy life and a little time to spend learning a new language. It is important to us that our students learn the best way possible Spanish in a short amount of time. That is how our private lessons appeared.

Private lessons are all about flexibility so you can mix in person with online lessons. We have a great technological infrastructure for serving great quality lessons both online and in person, you choose which fits best your needs.

With our great native teachers, the quality of the classes goes higher as you are the only student to attend. We can focus on your needs: preparing an exam, improving your spoken skills, learning technical terms used in your job, anything!

Contact us and start your flexible Spanish classes now!


Our one-to-one classes are oriented to satisfy the specific learning needs and preferences of the student. Being by yourself with one of our native teachers helps our methodology to intensify: the student becomes the total protagonist, and the activities are custom made depending on the learner’s needs.

To achieve full participation and ease in acquiring the language, we work with a communicative approach by tasks. This approach is a didactic proposal by our native teachers that is based on teaching Spanish through the activities of using: oral interaction, written interaction, oral expression, and written expression.

Also, before starting your private Spanish lessons, you will have to complete a needs questionnaire to establish the classes’ program. This way our teachers will adapt the classes to your goals with specific activities.

Spaneasy Learning School has obtained the accreditation of the Instituto Cervantes, which means that it complies with the conditions established by the Instituto Cervantes Center Accreditation System, the only accreditation in the international arena focused exclusively on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

Better than learning, living it!

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