Why Should I Learn Spanish?

There are lots of languages in the world (about 7,000) but none of them is like Spanish: a language involves a culture, a society. A different kind of way of thinking that through expressions and idioms shows us what are the differences between ours and other cultures. Here we are going to present some reasons why you should learn Spanish.


First of all, learning another language makes you healthier, complex and actively engaged and opens doors.  You will have new opportunities for work, for adventure, for love, for growth, for open your mind. And which could be a better language than one spoken by 572 million people? Right now, Spanish language is the third most spoken language on the Internet and the second most spoken language on Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia.


If travel is your passion… we’ve got good news for you! Spanish is spoken in 21 countries: Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Guatemala, Ecuador, Cuba, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Equatorial Guinea… and even in the United States! Why don’t you focus your next vacation to one of these fantastic places to improve that language? Places with a great history, huge gastronomy and a really nice people.


There are lots of idioms, expressions and spelling! Did you notice how awkward can be for a foreigner learning that “dough” and “cough” have a different sound? A positive point to Spanish language is that every single word is pronounced how it is written. Moreover, if you have a look to Spanish idioms to compare to English ones, I’m sure that it will surprise you (in a good way)!


When you study a new language your best option to improve it is to travel and to meet new people that can help you learning it well. Then, you can make Spanish friends that can also show you their city and help you enjoy your visit in the country you choose. And even more… you could find the love of your life—you never know where he/she could be.
We hope that with this post we’ve motivated you to start with your Spanish lessons. There are other 1,000 reasons why you should learn Spanish… but, we will let you find it out by your own experience. If you are interested in continue with expressions and other curiosities of Spanish language you should visit Expresiones con animales and Expresiones relacionadas con el tiempo atmosférico (in Spanish).

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