Plans to experience Christmas like a madrileño

Hello Spaneasiers! How are your Spanish classes going so far? We hope that thanks to our teachers you can see your goals much closer than when you started. Something that we value a lot at Spaneasy is learning Spanish through our culture, and what better way than to do it through Christmas? This holiday makes Madrid full of joy thanks to the thousands of activities that can be found in every corner of the city. Are you ready to discover them all and live your Christmas like a madrileño? Let’s get started!


Christmas doesn’t start until the Christmas lights are turned on throughout the city. This time, on November 26, we recommend you go out to the streets to see how all the lights light up. In addition to the decorations in main streets of Madrid, you cannot miss the large luminous fir tree that will be put up in Plaza de España next to a giant Belén with figures up to 2 meters high. What a good way to open up the new Plaza de España, don’t you think?


If the Christmas lights are not enough for you, you must visit the Botanical Garden. It is a magical visit, since in addition to enjoying the views it offers, every year we are impressed with thousands of led lights that decorate the immersed garden with a beautiful story. This year, they take us to the bottom of the ocean to enjoy the flora and fauna in a very magical way. If you want to visit it, don’t think too much about it, tickets sell out right away!


You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the typical Christmas facade of the Preciados Corte Inglés. It may be something strange to see for new visitors, since with its immense size (40 meters long and 16 high) it might look like a great show just for children. However, for any madrileño, it is something nostalgic to see since it has been going on for 42 years!


Christmas in Madrid would not exist without the famous Plaza Mayor Christmas Market. With 104 booths in total, you can find countless souvenirs to buy: Belén figurines, Christmas decorations, fir trees and much more! It is a mandatory visit, you can go and see it when you finish your Spanish classes since we are 5 minutes away from the Plaza Mayor ;).

There are many things to do in Madrid on Christmas: eat churros, buy lottery or eat freshly roasted chestnuts. Our city offers many activities to do, don’t miss any! Lastly, one piece of advice: traveling through Madrid this time of the year can be tricky, take in consideration our public transport guide! 🙂

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