Discover Barcelona: Part 2


Hello there Spaneasiers! How are you doing? We are missing so much the ability to travel, so we thought: why wouldn’t we give you some tips if you travel to Barcelona? So that’s what we’re doing today! As you can see, this is the second part of a post that we did about Barcelona, where we talked about transportation, accommodation and food. So, check it out!

But on today’s post we want to give you the best tips to enjoy the city and discover cool places that not everyone goes. Are you ready? Let’s start!

Firstly, you may know this, but in every big city there’s usually a company that does free tours to show you the most important parts of the city that you’re visiting, among some interesting tips. And don’t worry about the language barrier, they have tours in many languages! Some interesting places that you might see with your guide would be the architecture masterpieces that Gaudí did over Barcelona. Some of them would be the Parc Güell (as its name says, it’s a park with many sculptures and with great views of a part of the city), La Pedrera, La Casa Batlló or the Sagrada Familia.

If you need some resting after walking around the city, you could go to one of the many parks that Barcelona has. We recommend going to a great cacti garden called Mosén Costa i Llobera Gardens. It has a tricky name, but you will love the place as it’s great for pictures, so bring your camera or your phone!

Also, if you want cool places to take good pictures you must go to a hidden place in the Barri Gòtic near the cathedral which it has a mural with many pictures that together form two people kissing. We find it really cute and the neighborhood around it is amazing as it’s formed by many narrow alleys.

Lastly but not least, if you love to see good views of any city, you have two options: going to a very touristy place (Montjuic, where you can find the amusement park called Tibidabo) or you can go to the mountain next to it and visit a piece of the Spanish Civil War history: los Bunkers del Carmel. It might sound weird to visit some old bunkers, but they have the best views. It’s a great way to finish a busy day!

Did you like our suggestions? If you know more cool places in Barcelona let us know in the comments! See you!

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