Discover Barcelona: Part 1


Hello Spaneasiers! Welcome back to a new post from your favorite blog. Since corona started, we haven’t been able to travel much but now we can move easily around Spain. That’s why today we will show you what can you do and where you can go in one of our favorite cities in our country: Barcelona.

One thing that we love most of the Catalan capital is that it’s really easy to get there as there are many ways of transportation: by train or AVE (the Spanish high-speed rail), by plane, by car with friends or sharing one with a stranger, and finally, by bus. You have no excuse to travel to Barcelona if you are living in Madrid as there are many options for the kind of budget that you have. The shortest trip would obviously be by plane as in 58 minutes you will be in El Prat Airport, but this one is also the most expensive of all (just as the AVE). If you are in a budget you should go by bus, but keep in mind that it will take at least 7 hours to get to Barcelona; so we recommend the shared car (usually it costs the same and it takes one or two hours less).

When you get to the city there’s something you need to worry: the accommodation. It doesn’t look like an important thing to worry but keep in mind that the neighborhood is really important as it would make your experience different. For example, if you want to be near to the center and in a cool neighborhood you should stay in El Born (it’s the Catalan version of Malasaña). As you can see it all depends on the place, so keep that in mind! Also, if you travel with friends, we totally recommend getting an Airbnb.

And lastly but not least you can’t forget where to eat. Barcelona has  millions of bars and restaurants to try where you can eat traditional food from the Catalan region or the country, for example you should go to a restaurant that is in the neighborhood La  Barceloneta called Restaurante Salamanca. In there you can get the menu which offers paella, fish and other plates that will make you fall in love. Also, something very traditional in Cataluña are the masías (they are like country houses), and some of them have restaurants inside where they offer the best food in our opinion. If you want to have the full experience go to Can Cortada and ask for the calçots (a type of green onion).

If you are in a budget, you could go to any bar that offer tapas, our recommendation is this one: La Esquinica, in the Nou Barris neighborhood. That’s everything for today! We hope you have enjoyed this article, see you in the second part where you will be able to discover hidden places in Barcelona. If you want more travel post you should definitely read this one: Discovering Castilla y León.

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