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Hello Spaneasiers! How are your classes going? Are you enjoying your time in our school? We hope so! On today’s post we want to show you some Spanish movies that you can find on Netflix, so you can watch them at your house at any moment while you learn some Spanish! In Netflix Spain there’s a section where you can find lots of Spanish films, and today we will recommend you the best ones!

If you are a true fan of mystery movies that makes you think about the entire plot for the whole time, “Contratiempo” (also called “The Invisible Guest” if you look for it outside of Spain) is your movie. This movie tells the story of a businessman that is accused of murdering his lover even if he says that he is innocent. That’s why he hires the best lawyer in the city and together they go through the whole story.

Also, there’s a movie called “Durante la tormenta” (“Mirage” in English) which is about time travelling. It explains the story of a women that just moved to a house where a strange event happened long time ago and how she has the power to change it… or not. We all know that changing the past isn’t a great idea.

If you’re a lover of musicals and Mamma Mia, you might love “La llamada”. This movie is directed from the directors of one of our favorite show: Paquita Salas. Have you seen it? If not, there’s another recommendation for you. But going back to the movie, you are going to laugh and cry a little with the story of these two girls who are in a nun summer camp.

Are you interested in war movies? Specifically, about World War II, are you in? Then you are going to love “El Fotógrafo de Mauthausen”. It’s a movie based on a true story which explains how a Spanish photographer lived in a concentration camp and how his pictures helped to accuse the nazis.

Lastly but not least, if you love horror movies you have to watch “Verónica” which explains the story of a little girl and her brothers and the paranormal activity that happens in their house. It became really famous on its premiere!

And that’s everything for today! Did you know any of these movies? Let us know your favorite one! If you want to know more, we recommend this post about movies that were filmed in Spain! See you next time 😊


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