Chestnuts and Autumn

Irene A.

Irene A.

I was born in Madrid, I am not Gato though. My favourite food is Spanish omelette with onions! On weekends I love hiking in the mountains of Madrid. I’m a big movie buff. One of my favourite Spanish movies is Primos, have you seen it?
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Autumn is the best time of the year for chestnuts (“castañas” in Spanish) and Madrid begins to smell roasted chestnuts everywhere. Have you tried them already? In many squares and corners of the city the “castañeros”, that is to say, people who have small stalls where they roast and sell chestnuts, impregnate Madrid with a very characteristic smell from the beginning of autumn until the end of winter.

It is a characteristic smell that almost all of us who live or lived in Madrid relate to the cold, the night and the time of the year in which we are. It is not easy to resist buying them, because they help you fight the cold and they are delicious!

You can also buy the chestnuts in the market or supermarket and grill them in the oven of your house, in a really easy way. Be careful with those who have a little hole because it means that they are not good and that surely have a small worm inside (sometimes happens so do not be scared). When you go to buy them we advise you to notice if they are shiny and are hard and healthy, to avoid a bad purchase decision. They can last for several months at home, but we recommend you do not put them in the fridge.

In addition, chestnuts are one of the nuts with fewer calories and also will give us a lot of energy, vitamins and fiber

Next to our Spanish school in Madrid, just 5 minutes walking away from Puerta del Sol, in Plaza Jacinto Benavente you will find a “castañeros” stand to try them.

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