What is La Gatoteca

Yes! You have read it well: cats and coffee, the best place ever for cat lovers.
Maximize your time in Madrid and make something different while you can help somebody. So if you need a break from your Spanish lessons, we encourage you to go and visit this lovely place… But attention: you could find the love of your life here.
What is La Gatoteca?
La Gatoteca, located in Calle Argumosa 28, is a public establishment managed by the non-profit association ABRIGA. The project opened its doors in October 2013 and seeks to help homeless cats, hoping that the interaction between their visitors and the cats fosters responsible adoptions, what will allow the association to help more cats.
This place is not like a cafeteria itself, it looks more like a living room of a house of 160 square meters and two floors. The cats that live there move freely through this place and play, sleep, groom themselves … and their visitors can go and interact with them.
Moreover, all of these cats are sterilized, negative to leukemia and immunodeficiency, vaccinated and dewormed internally and externally.
Timetable and Price
La Gatoteca has a broad timetable because their cats require a lot of attention and company:

  • Mondays: 5pm – 8:30pm
  • From Tuesday to Sunday: 11am – 9.30pm

People can stay there as long as they want to and the rate varies according to the time people spent there: when you visit La Gatoteca you won’t pay for drinks (ecological teas, coffees, juices, smoothies, soft drinks, etc.) but for the time you stay.
Prices work like this (more or less):

  • 30 minutes – €4
  • 1 hour – €6

If you want to stay more than an hour it’s about 0,1 cents/minute.
OK, but… What if I fall in love with a cat?
If you like a cat, you can adopt him/her: Every cat is looking for a new and definitive home and is available for adoption. La Gatoteca always recommends making a visit first to know them personally and not only guide you by the appearance of the cat but rather by its character and personality.
But if you can’t own a cat, you should know that if you feel a special affection for any of them and you want to contribute to their recovery, you can donate €1 (or more) and La Gatoteca will invest in their food and veterinary care. You can also make a punctual donation, indicating for which cat your contribution is destined.
We hope you liked this post! Here you have a link to improve your Spanish with expressions with animals Expresiones con animales and other cafeteria plans as well to practice Spanish Sitios para intercambio de idiomas en Madrid.
We will continue posting more places to make different plans while you can help somebody.
Have a nice day and enjoy your Spanish lessons!

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