Pride 2018 Madrid

“Whoever you love, Madrid loves you”. This is how Madrid invites you to be free of loving whoever you want independent of sex or gender you feel comfortable with and… of course, invites you to our Pride 2018.
Feel free to join the Pride and live the experience in Madrid while you take a break from your Spanish lessons this weekend. Today we will show you how this celebration works and we invite you to have fun with us this year. This event is totally opened to everyone due to the LGTB party (lesbians, gays, transsexuals and bisexuals) is also a social, economic and demanding event. Madrid Pride is already the largest urban event held in Europe because its activities are attended by almost two million people – and the tendency is to keep growing.
As you may know, Chueca’s neighbourhood is the spotlight of every barrio we find in Madrid when we talk about a LGTB issues. But every year, Pride route is getting bigger and extending its route.
From 4th to 8th of July, there are some concerts in different stages located in Plaza del Rey (near Gran Vía), Puerta del Sol, Plaza Pedro Zerolo (in the heart of Chueca) and Plaza de España, where you can enjoy singers but also shows that famous drag queens and other artists prepare with all their love (and fun) for us.
Saturday’s Demonstration
The demonstration starts at Atocha (5.30 pm) and finishes at Cibeles (midnight). Its structure is at the head of the demonstration will march representatives of the organizing entities as well as the institutions that collaborate and believe in the PRIDE. After them, FELGTB associations and other groups of lesbians, gays, transsexuals and bisexuals. Subsequently, the rest of entities and non-LGBT social organizations will be located. After the most demanding part of the march, the floats will pass, which, with their music and diversity will create the festive atmosphere of the demonstration.
Other activities
The 11th Edition of Mr. Gay Pride Spain and Eurovision Pride festival, which will pay homage to the great artists who have gone through the “second most LGBT event on the planet”.
You can also join different activities these days like the HEEL RACE, presented by drag queen Chumina Power: brave people who dare to put on their heels to run through a Chueca street and can get different cash prizes.
And last but not least, it’s the Chueca Parade with Feathers and Little Paws: an activity that aims to raise awareness against animal abuse and the adoption of pets.
That’s it! We hope you liked this post and that we have encouraged you to join the LGBT cause while you are learning Spanish. Learn and enjoy! Learn more about Chueca neighbourhood Why Chueca is great?

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