Different bookstores to visit in Madrid

Irene A.

Irene A.

I was born in Madrid, I am not Gato though. My favourite food is Spanish omelette with onions! On weekends I love hiking in the mountains of Madrid. I’m a big movie buff. One of my favourite Spanish movies is Primos, have you seen it?
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Hello there Spaneasiers! How are our favorite Spanish students doing? We hope you are learning a lot in our school. In addition, for the students who are teaching in person, we hope you are enjoying our city. On today’s post, we have prepared something special so you don’t run out of plans, that’s why we bring you a small tour of the best bookstores in all of Madrid! It can be a great idea to celebrate the Book Day, or as it is called in Spanish: El Día del Libro. For those who do not know what is celebrated on this day, as its name suggests, in Spain we celebrate this day by giving away books and enjoying good literature. In addition, in Catalonia, Sant Jordi’s day is also celebrated, in which the streets are filled with roses and books. It is a very special day!

Entering the matter now, the first bookstore that you have to visit is located in the San Fernando Market and is called La Casquería. Situated inside the market, it has a very curious theme since the books you buy don’t have a set price, you pay as much as they weight! As you read, instead of buying a kilo of vegetables, you can buy a kilo of books. It is a place with a very pleasant atmosphere, and the best part? All the books are second hand!

On the other hand, we have Tuuu Librería. Yes, as you hear, we have not written your wrong, it is a very curious and incredible place to visit. For its walls full of second-hand books, in this bookstore the price is set by you. That is, if you have 5 euros in your pocket you can keep that book you find. Or if you prefer, you can donate your old books and in exchange take some new ones.

Finally, we cannot finish this post without recommending the great cafeteria and bookstore: Ocho y Medio. Here you can eat the best cakes that we have tried and also buy all kinds of books, especially on the subject of cinema, since it is located a few steps from the Renoir cinemas. It is a place that you have to visit sometime!

That’s it for today’s post! Have we missed any spectacular bookstore in Madrid? We read in comments your recommendations and opinions about the libraries that we have shown you. If you want to continue knowing new places to discover in our city, you cannot miss this post in which we show you some gardens in Madrid that you may not know. Until next time!

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