Lavapiés neighbourhood

It would be great for us if we could help you enjoying and discovering Madrid while you are taking a break from your Spanish lessons. And today we are discovering the multicultural neighbourhood of Madrid— have fun while learning Spanish!
The area of ​​Lavapiés is located southeast of the centre of the city. Like its neighbouring district of La Latina, its steep streets, narrow and irregularly wooded, conserve their medieval origin as a suburb that extended outside the citadel when Madrid became the capital of the kingdom in 1561.
LAVAPIÉS has always been a humble neighbourhood, inhabited until the 80s by people of advanced age. Currently, thanks to its cheap rents compared to other neighbourhoods of the city and its multiculturalism, attracts many young people who live with citizens of up to 88 different nationalities, especially Moroccans, Ecuadorians, Colombians, Chinese and Bangladeshi.
This neighbourhood gastronomy represents the fusion of races and cultures that Madrid has experienced in recent years. Ethnic restaurants are mixed with the traditional taverns of Madrid and the streets and squares of Lavapiés offer a spectacular scenario for a complete tapas route. The most important street, calle Argumosa is one of the main focuses for tapas activity, as well as the Plaza de Lavapiés and its surrounding streets. We must highlight, also, some traditional wineries and taverns that go back to what life was like in this area 70 years ago, such as Bodegas Alfaro or Taberna de Antonio Sánchez.
Also famous are its San Lorenzo festivities, which are celebrated on 10th August and offers free concerts, the best tortilla contest and other funny activities that attract many people from Madrid. Tapapiés, a very international tapas route, has also become an essential event.
Other main places to visit are La Casa Encendida, Museo Reina Sofia, Teatro Valle-Inclán or La Tabacalera.
We hope we helped you knowing a bit more about Lavapiés and that we encouraged you to visit this area of Madrid! If you are interested in knowing more neighborhoods you should visit these links: La Latina neighborhood and Chueca one, Why Chueca is great?

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