The best record and vinyl stores of Madrid

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On today’s post, we wanted to bring you something that can be helpful for you: music.

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of people buying again vinyl’s and we thought we could show you the best shops in Madrid where you can buy this record format and get to know many Spanish groups or artist, and at a good price!

In first place, we had to show you what we consider to be the queen of vinyl’s and records: La Metralleta. Something that makes this place very special is where it is located because it is inside a commercial gallery in the San Martín Plaza. It is really near from our school so it could be a great idea to go to this place with some classmates after your class! The shop is open Monday to Saturday, and if you are not a vinyl fan you can also find records and movies.

If the first place wasn’t amusing to you, Bajo el Volcán might be your place in Lavapiés. Like the other, in this shop has vinyl’s and books, what a better combination? We love this place because they have always good deals in their second-hand section. If you want to go by yourself or with a friend it is located in Ave María Street number 42, pretty close to the Lavapiés metro station. Also, they have an online shop so if your neighborhood is confined you can still enjoy all the cool things Bajo el Volcán has.

Lastly, there was a café that could be considered the best café in Madrid for vinyl lovers called Café Molar. In there, you could have a drink while you enjoyed of their variety of books and of course vinyl’s. Sadly, they got rid of their cafeteria but now you can find in its place many rows of books, comics, vinyl’s, movies, and more. We recommend this place if you are looking for a present for a friend as they have everything! The store is located in La Ruda Street, near the La Latina metro station.

Which is your favorite record and vinyl store?

Have you ever visited one of these?

Let us know if we missed one great place to get records of our favorite groups.

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