Three restaurants that will blow your minds in Madrid

Hello Spaneasiers! How are you doing in our amazing city? Is your Spanish improving? We hope that you’re improving daily and also discovering new places of Madrid, always being careful and making sure you take the correct safety measures. If you’re being careful, you can visit tons of cool places that this city is offering, that’s why today we will show you some cool restaurants that will make your meal an experience.

If you miss the beach or you want to visit one, you can find a restaurant that has a beach in the center of Madrid. It might sound like a joke, but Ojalá has a whole floor that is decorated like a beach and has sand in it! We love it because it’s great to enjoy with some friends, as they make the best breakfasts and brunch, but also they have delicious deserts! If you don’t want to miss it, you can find this restaurant in 1 San Andrés Street.

By the other hand, if you want a spectacle as your dinner, Zodiac is the place where you will fall in love. This restaurant located near the Opera metro station and 10 minutes away from our school, serves your meals while you’re investigating a crime! You can choose which detective you want to be, and they prepare your case and your food. For sure a great experience if you share it with friends!

Lastly but not least, we present you one of our favorite places: Yatai Market. As its name says, it’s a hidden market that is inspired in the small and crowded food streets of Japan. There are different stalls that offers any kind of Japanese or Asian food you can ask for: sushi, ramen, anything! It’s pretty popular due Tik Tok so if you go for lunch you should go early. It’s located near the Tirso de Molina metro station, if you fancy a walk you can go from our school!

Did you like these places? Do you know a cooler and eccentric restaurant that everyone should try at least once? Let us know in the comments! If you want to discover more places in Madrid you can check our posts, we’re sure you will love this one where we talk about great restaurants that serve only vegetarian and vegan options! Hope you like it, see you soon!

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