Why you should learn languages?

Hey Spaneasiers! You probably have a very good reason to study Spanish. However, when things get messy, you may wonder why you should study it if it makes you so confused. Don’t worry! We’ve all been there. Learning a new language is a complicated process that takes much time but has endless advantages. That’s why today we want to share with you 4 reasons to keep you motivated.


Have you ever tried to say something, but you couldn’t come up with the words you wanted so you have managed to find an alternative? The brain of a language learner is constantly looking for synonyms and structures to make the communication process successful. This habit improves our skills and helps us to be more logic when solving problems.

Mother tongue

It may be difficult to believe, but learning a foreign language improves your mother tongue. You start paying attention to rules, structures, meaning and finally you start comparing both languages unconsciously. You get to study your native language from another perspective, a new angle.

Original version

If you are so addicted to Netflix as we are, then you probably prefer to watch shows in their original language version. Dubbing voices are getting better and better, however, there is always small nuances that get lost in translation. And that is nobody’s fault! But isn’t it great to understand every single detail and feel like a boss? What’s more, it is a very useful and effective method to improve a language.


This might be one of the most common reasons to learn a new language, since mastering a foreign language makes an extra point for your resumé. It does not only enable you to work abroad, but also makes you a better applicant. Despite the difficulties, effort has its rewards! You’ll look as a committed hard-working person. 

Good luck with your Spanish classes because they look promising! Don’t forget to read Pronunciation tips.

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