Best patatas bravas in Madrid

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We hope this has not happened to you, but sometimes we go to a bar and the bravas weren’t what we expected, that’s why on today’s post we will show you four places that serve really good bravas.
On one hand, considering this place is famous for serving the best bravas in Madrid, you have to visit it at least once in your stay in this city. The bar is called Docamar, and it’s famous because their recipe for their bravas and sauce has not changed since 1963! The potatoes are crispy in the outside and soft in the inside, and the spicy sauce that goes on top of them is one of the best we have ever tried. You could not replicate it because it is top secret how they make them! If you want to visit Docamar it is located in 337 Alcalá Street.
By the other hand, Las Bravas bar is also considered to have really good bravas. We consider them rivals, but it all depends on how you like your potatoes because this place makes its potatoes bigger and softer on the outside. But the secret spicy sauce is really good! One thing that we love from this place is that you can take them home if you don’t feel like sitting in the bar. This bar is located in 3 Álvarez Gato Street.
If you can’t stand spicy sauces, the Casa Sotero’s bravas will be your favorite of all.  This bar was founded in 1935 and it is well-known around Madrid for its variety of tapas, and more specifically for its patatas bravas. If you are looking for a place to drink a beer with some friends and enjoy the sun, you must go to this bar. You can find it in 337 Bravo Murillo Street.
Lastly, but not least, if you want to truly taste the best patatas bravas in Madrid, you have to visit the restaurant who won the award of the best bravas in Spain of 2020: Taberna & Media. They make the fancier bravas we have ever seen as they are not the typical potato wedges we have all tried, they are puffs filled with potatoes! Now we all know why they won, the taste and the appearance won some points! If you want to eat them, the restaurant is located in 30 Lope de Rueda Street, but keep in mind it is a bit pricey!
Didn’t we mention your favorite place to eat bravas in our city? Let us know the place in the comments! If you want to discover more restaurants and other places in Madrid you can’t miss this post where we show you three restaurants that will blow your mind! See you soon Spaneasiers!

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