Mythical candy shops in Madrid

Hello everyone! How are you doing? We hope that you are all keeping yourself safe at the same time that you are having fun while discovering Madrid. On today’s post we wanted to show you some of the legendary candy shops that we have around our city. If you have a sweet tooth you have to keep reading! Let’s start!

Firstly, we can’t start this ¡post without talking about La Mallorquina. This 100-year-old pastry shop is located in Puerta del Sol, just five minutes from our school. It is a pastry shop with some of the best classic sweets in the entire city that you have to try sometime in your life, whether you are a tourist or you have lived in Madrid for a long time. Among the sweets that you can find there are cakes, chocolates, buns, croissants, and lots more! And if you don’t like sweets, don’t worry, they also have other types of products!

Secondly, there is a jewel among all the pastry shops in the city called La Duquesita. We are talking about a very emblematic place since we can find both delicatessen and traditional recipes, all thanks to a chef called Oriol Balaguer. In this patisserie you can find chocolates, cakes or the best buttered croissants that we have ever tried. If you can’t wait to visit La Duquesita, it’s located in the Chueca neighborhood, on 2 Fernando VI Street.

Lastly but not least, and continuing with curious names and incredible places, we have La Pajarita. This candy store was really born in Puerta del Sol, but because of a ruined building they had to move to 14 Villanueva Street. However, they still have the best bow tie-shaped chocolates and candies in the city, with their artisanal touch and the best possible quality. Also, if you don’t want to visit the store (although we recommend it), you can order all their products online.

Did we miss any of your favorite candy shops in Madrid? Which one is your favorite sweet and where do they make it better? We will wait for your comments so we can keep discovering new and better places in our city. Meanwhile, you can’t miss this post from our Spaneasy Blog where we show you the best restaurants to eat many types of soups. See you in the next post, or at school!

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